Why I started OMO Crisp

Hello! I’m a German-American health enthusiast, former competitive cyclist, and the founder of OMO Crisp.

My journey began with the joy of European bread, connecting me to my roots in Northern Germany. As an adult, I developed chronic GI issues that led me to embrace a low-FODMAP diet, bidding farewell to my beloved staples. Determined to find a solution, my love for northern European foods inspired kitchen experiments in Sedona, resulting in a crisp bread that not only met my dietary needs but also delighted everyone who tasted it.

Launching OMO Crisp wasn’t just a culinary venture; it marked a profound personal transformation. Struggling with exhaustion and disillusionment from 11 years in big tech, I needed a change. I was tired of buying into other people’s version of success, limiting myself to the options offered by other people’s agendas, and burning myself out in the process. I was ready to define and pursue my own version of success. The name “OMO,” derived from my earliest words, “Anna alleine!” (Anna On My Own!), embodies this journey from corporate burnout to an independent, values-driven business.

OMO Crisp fuses my European heritage with the vibrancy of the Southwest. It’s more than a snack; it’s a lifestyle choice. Beyond healthy food and sustainable packaging, it’s about purposeful living and taking control of our health. Each product reflects the intention to thrive, crafted with care to nourish and empower.

OMO Crisp is a complete food that symbolizes a commitment to well-being, a journey from chaos to mindful living. Please enjoy! Guten Appetit!